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This marinated feta is actually a Greek spin on an Eastern European pub snack. It generates some nice memories of my travels through that area.  I remember being in the Czech Republic, snacking on some spicy marinated cheeses while sipping on a cool pilsner. Those flavors have such a nice balance, creamy vs. bright…with some effervescence to wash everything down.  Marinated feta cheese can go quite the distance when entertaining.  It looks and makes people feel special.  I like to serve this marinated feta with olives, marinated mushrooms, and maybe some hummus and pita as an appetizer for when we have company.  It is also great over pasta with some roasted seasonable vegetables or on salads.

Marinated feta cheese…

First, find a container that you like and think is pretty, and consider the size.

Measure olive oil into about 3/4 the volume of the container. The cheese will displace some of the volume.

Then over VERY low heat, warm the olive oil and add any dried herbs that you love, some thinly sliced garlic, and peppercorns. The goal is to cook the garlic ever so slightly, and let the flavor infuse into the oil. This only takes minutes.  Then set aside to cool.   While cooling, cube feta and place in your container.  Then, pour the olive oil over the cheese once cooled.  Keep refrigerated.

Eat together, toast to each other, and share!


Eat Local challenge installment two: Summer squash and corn chowder…

Oh yum. Oh yum.  *Sob* *sob*, *sniff **sniff*.  This is me lamenting the waning of the summer heat and sun, and thus the sweetness of New England corn.  Funny, because in my early New England days, I was rather ambivalent about corn, take it or leave it…mostly just leaving it.  However,  a wise friend from upstate New York frankly told me, “well, you just haven’t had good corn then”…and turns out she was right.  Now, I can’t get enough over the summer, and hustle as much as I can from the local farm stands.  The smell of corn on the grill makes me want to walk around barefoot and soak up the sun with friends around the BBQ.

As part of the Eat Local Challenge I paid homage to New England corn with this soup.  Sweet and smoky, with a little tang of feta, and an essence of thyme…oh yum.

Also, no need for a roux as the starch in the corn thickens the chowder up nicely, so easy and delicious.

Summer squash and corn chowder…

2 yellow squash: George Hall Farm: 12.03 mi

2 ears corn: (blackened on grill for depth of flavor): George Hall Farm: 12.03 mi

2 shallots: George Hall Farm: 12.03 mi

1 small clove garlic: George Hall Farm: 12.03 mi

3 tbs butter: Smyth’s Trinity dairy farm: 27.02 miles

1 cup heavy Cream: The Farmer’s Cow Milk (6 CT family farms)

½ cup milk: The Farmer’s Cow Milk (6 CT family farms)

1 tsp each fresh thyme and oregano: GeoRoots Solar Growth Farm: 16.14 mi

2 oz feta: Beltane farm: 41.11 mi

kosher salt

Cook corn on the grill until lightly blackened, turning regularly. Then shave off kernels with a sharp knife.   On your stove, in a medium pot, over medium, heat melt 2 tbs butter. Add diced yellow squash, shallots, and garlic (you can substitute shallots w/ yellow onion if you cannot find shallots locally).  Season lightly with salt, cook until translucent.  Add 1 corn cob worth of kernels to the squash mixture.  Add fresh thyme and oregano.  Then puree mixture in blender until smooth.  Place pureed mixture back in pot.  Add milk, heavy cream, and rest of butter and mix well.  Add the rest of corn.  Season with salt to taste.  Garnish with feta, thyme and a couple of corn kernels. Serve hot

Eat together, toast to each other, and enjoy!