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These make me want to get married all over again. I can’t stop swooning over this and this.

Yes, I still swoon over my husband…daily.

This color palette:

There is an art to making a mix tape, and boy do I remember those magenta and blue Memorex tapes.

On the agenda next week.

BiBa and the Swede

This cup of coffee:

I want to carry my book in this.

Return home safely, my daily mantra can be worn around my neck


This sunset:

It is only Rock n’ Roll but I like it

Now this…is pretty amazing

Sweet peas make me smile…especially hanging in my kitchen



Just a few lovely things… 

Ines Rosales tortas de aceite

this color palette

this bread and the featured cookbook

this book

a little bit of fashion inspiration

I want this store to be my neighbor

all things lemon

to travel in this Airstream

these bagels for breakfast

exploring the domestic arts

midi skirts

these sunglasses

these birthday cupcakes…

and the colors of this farmbox…

Eat together, toast to each other, and share…