It has been a while! We are back after some heartbreaking technological failure…some goodies were lost after our sick little PowerBook finally passed away, but the essentials were saved thankfully.  A good reminder to me to back everything up, I just wish that it hadn’t hit me like drinking a Jolt Cola.

Fall is approaching quickly, although in Los Angeles I am waiting for it to be cool enough to run my oven all day long, baking pumpkin bread and apple crisp.  We are still beach bound at this point. Nonetheless the fall spirit  is tangible.  I bought some delicata squash the other day and its intended use was as a soup. However, given the heat, it ended up broiled, seasoned, and diced over a nice crisp salad. But the process lead to much more than I could have anticipated.

The seeds of this chosen squash were the first things that my daughter and I actually cooked together from beginning to end.  We started with roasting seeds as our first culinary adventure…perfect for fall and an easy to do. I did the slicing of the squash, but with some newspaper on the kitchen floor, she took out the seeds (which she loved), we rinsed them together in a bowl, she spread them (read: threw them) on a baking sheet,  she also salted them which she did ever so gently and methodically from my pinch bowl…and I cracked the pepper.

Watching her made me think of something Barbara Kingsolver wrote, “Cooking is 80 percent confidence, a skill best acquired starting when the apron strings wrap around you twice”.  So a toast to confidence building this fall, enjoy!

Oven roasted squash seeds…

 Seeds of any fall/late summer squash

kosher salt

cracked fresh pepper

Preheat oven to 350.  Cut and prepare squash and scoop out seeds.  Rinse and remove any remaining flesh. Salt and pepper to taste. Baked until lightly toasted and dry, about 15 minutes. Time varies depending on the seed size. 

Cook together, toast to each other, and share! 


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