“Nothing is more necessary than salt and sun”, stated Isidore of Seville.
To maintain homeostasis, the average adult needs 6-8 grams of salt daily and 10 grams when hot or sweating is induced. Most people consume 15 grams daily, and this trend is heading upward.
Althought I tend to agree with Plutarch who described salt to be “the noblest of foods, the finest condiment of all”, consume it in its natural form rather than in Cheetos.


2 responses to “FoodNote…

  • mish

    Agreed! Salt is so important, not only in balancing out the savory dishes but also in sweet dishes which many people forget. I love salt. And now we’re fortunate to have access to so many different kinds (sea, kosher, flaked, finishing) that we can enhance both the flavor AND look of our dishes with a simple sprinkling! I’ve been researching for a big salt blog myself. Love the foodnotes! 🙂

  • Lisa Ruminski

    J’adore Fleur de Mer! Whenever Kate goes to France or Aralena comes to visit they bring me some…and in a pinch I can get it from Chefs Catalog. One of my favorite quick lunches is a toasted tortilla, a little schmear of unsalted butter and a generous sprinkling of Fleur de Mer.
    OBTW…I am impressed with the fact that you’re blogging, even with a food note, with a brand new baby in your arms!

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